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Register for the FREE seminar on Introduction to Machine Learning to get a preview of our three months internship program on Machine Learning with Python/R.

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Register and start the three months training and internship program on machine learning with Python.

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With HR team's placement assistance attend the job interviews and get career opportunities with great companies in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data science field.

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Innovative course curriculum

Our three months training and internship program covers everything needed for you to start your career in the Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning & Data Science field. Our program covers the mathematics and statistics skills required to learn machine learning, programming skills in Python and R, Machine learning theory with lots of practical workshops/assignments and the one month application based internship project. Once trainees complete our two months internship program, we expect them to have intermediate level skills in the AI, ML & Data Science area and will be better prepared to start their career.

Expert mentors & trainers from the top universities and the leading IT companies

Our mentors and trainers are PhD, Masters degree holders from the top universities with proven expertise in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Data Science field. Also, we have trainers who come with years of industry project experience with leading IT companies in the AI, ML & Data Science domain.

Dedicated mentors who will help answer your questions personally

Each and every student is assigned a dedicated, expert mentor who will coach you one-on-one and answer all your most specific questions. You will get the individual and personal attention and help from your mentor.

Job placement assistance

We have partnered with many leading companies who work in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Data Science sector. Our HR team will co-ordinate and assist you to attend job interviews with our partnering companies. Also, in the future our trainees will have the option to do projects with

Lowest fees

Our goal is to make all our training programs affordable to everyone and we strive to keep our training cost as low as possible. We are confident that you will not be able to find such quality training and internship program elsewhere in the same price range.


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