Predictive Monitoring, Risk Monitoring, Clinical Review, Feedback Loop, Patient Prognosis and Future Forecasting


          Providing value to the provider through assessment and decision-making efficiencies leading to enhanced patient and physician interactions. Providing patients, the support they need throughout their evolving health needs.


          SynoptiCare is a model of oversight for patient care throughout the duration of one's health. Any organization that is responsible for providing medical care will need a solution to ensure that the process of intervening is appropriate, timely, effective, and efficient. The solution guides the totality of care and improves the business that runs it.  It’s the ability to predict someone’s clinical review on an episodic and long-term timeline that is a core competency and will support physician decision-making and the delivery of care by all caregivers. For patients who are proactive in their health, many may choose to allow the healthcare organization access to additional health and environmental data that will provide them with insights about their own health


          Xen.AI SynoptiCare Patient Monitoring and Care Decision-Making Toolset

          • Predictive monitoring of patients for elevated levels of cardiac concern (heart attack level) alerts, de-escalation techniques, goal setting, tracking, and potential calls for distress

          • Risk monitoring for physicians for each physician monitoring a panel of patients, develop tools to categorize, predict, and stratify risk for various patient populations so that physicians and staff can monitor, document, and intervene on the patient’s behalf.  

          • Clinical review patient encounters groups of predictive tools for physicians that utilize patient data (EMR + PT volunteered) in a way that supports complex and accurate physician diagnosing tasks.  Tools should be robust enough to apply to a wide range of patients and circumstances in order to provide value to the healthcare organization.

          • Feedback loop to the patient, enhancing the patient's participation in their health monitoring through constant feedback loop and data monitoring integration

          • Patient Prognosis and Future Forecasting tracking care to measure the desired health outcomes while engaging and educating patients in their recovery efforts.  Self guided care at home.

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