Intelligent Clinical Review 

          Safety, Lower risk, and compliance support.


          An AI based SaaS platform for physicians that streamlines the audit process, enriches quality control & self-assessment, provides ongoing education, and a business intelligence dashboard for continuous monitoring.


          ICR is embed into the clinician’s natural  workflow, which will provide non obtrusive, intelligent behavior functions to change a habit and enhance outcomes. Allows for regular internal audits for compliance enable the creation of comprehensive compliance programs that reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Physician and Management can provide routine audits to help correct deficiencies and keep the physician organization on track towards improving patient outcomes and compliance. ICR supports and guides the physician through clinical decisions improvement and compliance that work best for his/her practice.

          The Xen.AI solution is the industry-leading solution for automating workflows, integrating systems, and delivering closed­ loop communication solutions to any workflow challenge including the areas common to most departments. When clinics and hospital departments  seek to purchase automated communications tools, business managers often require justification on the basis of a Return on Investment (ROI) evaluation. In its simplest form, ROI assesses measurable financial impacts such as direct cost savings, productivity improvements, and/or increased revenue compared to the investment. If financial issues solely governed the healthcare environment, assessment committees would conduct a simple review and make their decision accordingly. However, the management and delivery of patient care is a far more dynamic and complex environment. As such, both tangible and intangible factors must be considered. 

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