Electronic Health Records (EHR) Solutions

OpenHealthCare.AI - Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning based customizable solution for a patient-centric integration, reporting and analytics of electronic health record datasets with a goal towards precision medicine.


Electronic Health Records refers to digital records of all aspects of patient care. These datasets encompass patient information, lab tests, radiology, prescriptions, claims, nutrition and lifestyle information, family history, genetic data and transcription data among others. Additional datasets are expected with advances in personal medical devices like wearables, implants and nanorobots. This wealth of data is expected to improve the quality of care for the patient. Managing these disparate datasets which may or may not share a unique patient identity makes the data management process challenging. Implementation of patient privacy protocols for different groups of users is another challenge. At Xen.AI, we wish to create a patient centric record that ties together all the datasets seamlessly.

Goals and Benefits

OpenHealthCare.AI - Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution can help to create:

  • A unique patient record that maximizes data retrieval for patient from different datasets
  • Reports on patients protecting their data privacy for different groups of users
  • Analytics and insights into datasets to enable physicians to make better care decisions
  • Predictive AI models for preventive care
  • A platform so that real time data can be accessed on mobile, desktop, tablets at any time
  • Using open source software and tools so as to not lock clients into proprietary cost traps
  • Maintenance and ownership of software when fully implemented can be transferred to the client or another party.
Goals and Benefits


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