One or Two Days Workshop on Data Science and Machine Learning Using Python

1 or 2 days


Our experienced data scientists and machine learning engineers can deliver customized, one or two days hands-on workshop at colleges, universities and companies.


Tentative agenda for a two days workshop


Day 1 | Session - 1 | Python Essentials (Time : 10 AM  to 1: 00 PM)

Introduction to AI, Machine Learning and Data Science

Career opportunities

Overview of Python

Introduction and Understanding of IPython

The concept of Package/Libraries

How to install and load packages

Data Types and Data Structures in Python(Mutable and Immutable)

List and Dictionary Comprehension

Control Flow and Conditional Statements

How to create class and Functions and how to call them.


Day 1 | Session - 2 | Introduction to NumPy (Time : 2 PM to 5 PM)


All the necessary operations of NumPy with examples.


Day 2 | Session - 3 | Data manipulation with Pandas (Time: 10 AM  to 1: 00 PM )


All the necessary operations of Pandas with examples.


Day 2 | Session - 4 | Data visualization with Matplotlib and Introduction to Machine Learning with Python (Time : 2 PM to 5 PM)

Why Data Visualization?

What is Data Visualization?

Intro to Matplotlib.

Types of Plots

Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Scikit Learn

Keras and Tensorflow

Industry Use Case and Application


If you are interested in organizing a workshop at your college, university or company please register below. support team will get in touch with you.